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Questions and Answers MVP

Listed here are some of the most common 'Questions and Answers' that should assist you in becoming more familiar with my shop, policies and shipping.

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Tell me about the Value of My Vintage Pillow?2018-05-12T00:08:57-07:00
My Vintage Pillow designs offers terrific decorating and functional value supporting important factors including...

  • high end design and construction
  • handloomed/hand dyed fibres such as Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Mohair, Leather, Cotton & Linen
  • one of a kind absolute original single or matching sets
  • historical origins and period artistry
  • salvaging | repurposing | upcycling...contributing to less waste while gaining new life

When you consider the high cost of new textiles and high overhead corporate entities, My Vintage Pillow can be considered a bargain....true value for what falls into the category of high end soft furnishing. It's a labour of love and a testament to Vintage design style.

What’s your design process?2018-05-12T00:06:06-07:00
Let’s just say…I spend many hours rummaging through grandma’s closets. The reality is that it’s a constant hunt, takes a keen eye and plenty of patience to find such charming and interesting textile candidates. It takes artistic vision and creativity…which have been an addiction for me. I look at a vintage fabric that is torn or stained and generally has been ignored for far too long…. I often see the potential of repurposing it into a new high-end pillow design that incorporates modern complimentary textiles and design ideas. Each creation is individual, personal and extremely rewarding.
Will My Vintage Pillow stand up to normal wear and tear?2018-05-12T00:07:12-07:00

Absolutely yes! Whether it be a 100 year old French tapestry or a hand knitted Bolivian Shawl, the vintage textiles are reinforced by bonding them to a light weight modern cotton backing. This adds much support and stability and they easily stand up to normal wear and tear.

How do I clean and care for my vintage pillows?2018-05-12T00:07:36-07:00

My Vintage Pillows are made from all natural fibres that have been prewashed. If you find they need some TLC, hand wash them with a mild or natural detergent. It's then important to 'lay flat to dry'. Alternatively, dry cleaning is a safe option.

What about shipping?2018-05-12T00:07:54-07:00

All items purchased at My Vintage Pillow will be packaged and shipped within 3 days of order completion. Shipping costs and delivery time options can be calculated prior and/or during checkout. All items are shipped via Canada Post world wide. If you have any specific needs, or experience any issues during checkout, please Contact Liza Diaz Here.

What is your exchange policy?2018-05-12T00:08:11-07:00

I am happy to offer an exchange towards equal or greater value pillows if I am notified within 14 days of of the pillow delivery completion date. Additional shipping costs to be covered by the purchaser and the item must be in pristine condition.

Tell me about your Privacy Policy?2018-10-03T22:17:45-07:00

M y Vintage privacy policy can be viewed here MVP Privacy Policy. Sure it's your typical lawyer like 'mumbo jumbo', but to make a long story short, I am in the practice of customer confidentiality and respect of private information. If you have any specific questions, so not hesitate to contact me.