My Vintage Pillow

Reconditioned | Upcycled | Repurposed | Redesigned

TThe textiles that I curate for My Vintage Pillow Designs each have something insanely unique and beautiful to offer. They have been part of people’s lives, have stories to share and a history lived far beyond our walls. My handmade vintage pillows are as much functional as they are decorative.

My love of everything handmade and vintage was first born in the world of dressmaking. The fabulous fit and flare styles of the 50’s fueled my never-ending love of thrift shopping. As a young adult, with my two little girls in tow, I spent countless hours searching through thrift, consignment and vintage shops.


It’s a pastime that we still enjoy to this day… some 20 years later. Through this obsession I became familiar with high quality fabric and tailoring techniques that made me fall in love with the vintage world of textile and design.

As my knowledge grew, I quickly realized that I was most attracted to all natural, handloomed, hand dyed, handwoven textiles. Fast forward 15 years and without even realizing it, My Vintage Pillow was a thought that took until now to fully form and become a reality.

Thank you for making the conscientious decision to follow an independent designer. ‘My Vintage Pillow’ has a vast selection of unique designer pillows; throw, lumbar, floor and bedding pillows. My MVP designs incorporate natural repurposed handloomed/hand dyed fibres such as Wool, Alpaca, Llama, Mohair, Leather, Cotton and Linen. Each Handmade Vintage Pillow comes with a “new” duck feather insert.

Shop MY Vintage Pillow for beautiful, functional, original vintage pillows that I hope you love and cherish as much as I do.
Enjoy! Liza Diaz